Kasematten Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung 2019

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A casemate (French casematte, from Middle Greek χάσμα chásma "crevice," "gully," "cleft in the earth" via Ital. casamatta "rampart vault") is a vault in fortress construction protected from artillery fire.

The unique fortification in Wiener Neustadt in terms of architectural history dates back to the 12th century - the time when the city was founded from a large part of the ransom for Richard the Lionheart. It is therefore hardly surprising that numerous archaeological and architectural-historical sensations have come to light in the course of the renovation on the occasion of the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2019. The metamorphosis into a modern architectural jewel has been a great success. Highly praised in the international trade media, the winning project by the architectural firm Bevk Perovik(http://bevkperovic.com) shows how old substance can be skilfully given a contemporary purpose with modern elements.

The underground rooms with their bastions and corner towers in front of them originally served to defend the city. Later, they were used as ammunition depots, air-raid shelters and beer warehouses until they fell into a slumber for many decades. The fact that the casemates were underground for centuries - which allowed for better defense - gives us today well-preserved parts of the walls, the Opus Spicatum, a unique Strada Coperta, embrasures and many insights into the construction methods of the time.

Guided tours through these underground vaults offer never-before-seen insights into the fortifications of a city, excellently preserved and with an incredibly exciting history through all epochs such as the times of the Habsburgs, the Turkish sieges, attacks from the east by Matthias Corvinus and much more. Thus, one of the oldest fortifications in Europe will be the big highlight in Wiener Neustadt from 2020 and worth a visit.

In the course of the revitalization, the casemates were extended by a functional room - the Neue Bastei - which, together with the ensemble of the old, historic casemates, forms a unique location for congresses, events and weddings. With daylight and direct access to the city park, this location scores points just as much as its perfect central location in the immediate vicinity of the train station. Located in the middle of the city park and yet right in the center, the Kasematten is an ideal location for any green meeting: arrival by train, no shuttles necessary and all highlights within walking distance.

The direct neighborhood of the Hilton Garden Inn**** hotel is an additional argument for many organizers. A connecting path takes you to the event location in just a few steps.



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