Schrems Upland Moor Nature Park

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  • Nature park Lower Austria
  • Niederösterreich-CARD


The Nordic-looking Schrems Upland Moor Nature Park offers scenic landscapes, which will make you think that you are in Sweden. Pine forests, marshland, wild rosemary and a former peat mine:

The peatland, which is bordered by the towns of Langschwarza, Gebharts and Schrems, covers 300 hectares and, as part of the Schrems Upland Moor, is the largest peatland area in Lower Austria. 119 hectares of the total area form part of the Schrems Upland Moor Nature Park. In addition, the moorland is included in the Ramsar Convention on pond, moorland and river landscapes.

Wooden walkway

The “UnterWasserReich” Nature Park Centre is a Ramsar information centre, and the central contact point for visitors of the Schrems Upland Moor Nature Park. With an exhibition and the water garden, it brings curious visitors closer to the special features of the Waldviertel ponds and moorland. 

Tip: The cute otters in the outdoor enclosure are especially popular with visitors. 

Another highlight is the wooden walkway, which is accessible from the Nature Park Centre. In the natural surroundings of the wooden walkway, visitors can see the unique features of the moorland habitat with their own eyes.

Jacob's ladder

As an alternative to the view from the wooden walkway, the Upland Moor can also be admired from a bird's eye view. That is made possible by the Jacob’s ladder – a 20 metre high viewing platform. After climbing a total of 108 steps, walkers are rewarded for their ascent with a breath-taking panorama.


  • Dogs allowed

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