20 Schilling view of Semmering, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/ M. Liebert

Schwarzenbach Open Air Archaeological Museum

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The presentation of Celtic life has now been made permanent in Schwarzenbach. For this reason, the municipality of Schwarzenbach has entrusted VIAS-Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science with the construction of an archaeological open-air area, where parts of the Celtic town have been reconstructed in coordination with the Federal Monuments Office. The open-air museum is intended to provide insights into the everyday life of the Iron Age population in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC, focusing not only on the architecture of the buildings but also on the economic basis of the people of this period and the crafts in a Celtic city.

The open-air site on the castle hill in Schwarzenbach currently consists of nine buildings, as well as several other reconstructed objects such as gardens and fences. These allow visitors to gain insights into various aspects of everyday Celtic life. So far, a craftsman's house has been built using the post and beam technique with oak timber walls, a storage building with log walls on swell beams in spruce, a potter's hut on posts and a large dwelling house using the post and beam technique with coniferous timber walls. Furthermore, a bakehouse, a stable building, a building with an archaeological exhibition room, which will offer visitors a multimedia overview of the settlement history in addition to the original finds, and a building that can be used as a seminar room or for holding workshops.

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