Feeding calves – then riding ponies

At Ferienhof Salcheck, the Jagersberger family’s holiday farm

Does a farm set in a sunny location all by itself with meadows and woods all around automatically mean peace and quiet? Sure does – if you ignore the clucking chickens or mooing cows that is! You won’t be alone by any means staying at this organic family farm on Königsberg. There are countless animals to see and experience, from goats to bees.

Amazing, isn’t it!
Cows are big, very big, in fact. But they are also very peaceful creatures. Once you make friends with them, you can even feed them, take them out to the pasture – and bring them back home to the barn again in the evening.

We also have chickens and miniature goats living with us here on the farm plus a pig, rabbits, cats, bees and a pony. They all have names and can become good friends with our visitors. Our well-behaved pony Emmi even lets people ride on his back. Or you can take a walk with Hermi our goat – and show her to your parents.

After a day full of adventures, you will probably have worked up an appetite. We bake twist bread together over the big campfire, take a quiz about the farm or snack on berries you gather in the woods. What? You already ate up everything? Then Mrs. Jagersberger is sure to have a sandwich of bacon and farmer’s bread for you.

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