From Payerbach to Knofeleben

The Semmering railway (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), green pastures 1,100m above sea level, and breathtaking panoramic views.

From lush mountain pastures to unforgettable panoramas and delicious regional cuisine, this route leaves no wish unfulfilled. It is no wonder that the huts are as popular as Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben itself.

Summer resorts and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Payerbach

It all starts at the historic railway station in the stunning summer resort town of Payerbach. Following the green Viennese Alps logo signs, you will reach the Jubiläumswarte, from which you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the 150-year-old Semmering railway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the world’s 1st mountain railway, and it the 41km line conquers 16 viaducts, 15 tunnels, and 100 brick arch bridges.

Rest and Alpine paths at 1,100m above sea level

The perfect resting place awaits you at 1,182m above sea level. The Waldburgangerhütte on the Gahns, with its breathtaking panoramic view. Since 1929, hikers from all four corners of the world have come to Bodenwiese, to dine here. The promising route leads through lush green pastures, accompanied by the rhythmic sound of cowbells, to an Alpine panorama hut.

Stop and enjoy the views at the Naturfreundehaus

6km later, you will reach the Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben, which is 1,250m above sea level, and was the most popular hut in 2014. Here you can enjoy outstanding seasonal regional cuisine in the panorama restaurant with magnificent views over the species-rich landscape of the Viennese Alps. You are also welcome to stay at the hut overnight.