Fun with water and dizzy heights

Accessible destinations for the whole family in the mountains and on water – from the Eibl Jet and Schneeberg Railway, to boat trips and thermal springs

Easily accessible excursions from the fast-paced to the relaxing – on solid ground in the mountains, at lofty heights, or rocking on the water. Tourist destinations across Lower Austria welcome both young and old visitors.

The popular all-weather toboggan run, EIBL Jet Türnitz, is easily accessible. The fast track is situated in a dreamy landscape of meadows and pastures. This therefore guarantees a lot of fun while tobogganing, as well as relaxation in a green environment.

Onwards and upwards with the Schneeberg Railway. At the intermediate station, Baumgartner, jam-filled Schneebergbuchteln (yeast pastries) have been a hot snack of choice for many decades. Continue up to the terminus, Hochschneeberg, which at a height of 1,797m is the highest railway station in Austria. The Rax aerial cablewayis equally as accessible. Once you reach the Rax Plateau, the wonderful panoramic view gives a clear view of the “big brother” mountain, the Schneeberg.

Water can also be easily accessed. Brandner Schiffahrt invites you to enjoy the river. Sail through Wachau on the beautiful blue Danube, on a ship with a great on-board restaurant. Jump into the water of the Römertherme in Baden – this popular and accessible destination is perfect for swimming and diving.