A place that embraces the world.

Is it possible to stay and relax on the edge of the Vienna Woods but at the same time also travel around the world? In the Gabrium in St. Gabriel, confreres of the Steyler Order bring us a little closer to the distance. With the artifacts and quotes they bring back from their missionary journeys. Europe, Asia, South America and Africa invite you to take a special kind of break in the midst of this impressive clinker brick building. Here, everything is extraordinary. Here, it is like nowhere else  in the world.

A greeting from distant countries

Many historical originals have been preserved during the renovation of this former theological faculty. Cloister and ballroom impress with their size and elegance. Additionally, rooms with high-quality furnishings and three suites invite you to a Tete-a-Tete with cultures from other countries. Each floor is dedicated to a continent - colourful patterns and loving details take you on a journey in your mind. And a look in the park proves: GABRIUM is a world of its own.

Excursion tip: Liechtenstein Castle

If you want to take a piece of Austria with you on your journey, visit the nearby Liechtenstein Castle in Maria Enzersdorf. The climb is rewarded with a magnificent view of Vienna. At ground level, on the other hand, you can quickly and easily reach the Laxenburg Castle Park or the Sparbach Nature Park.

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