Organic farm with nearby rocking stones

At the Hammerschmidt family’s organic farm in Litschau

Unfortunately, cows cannot smile – if they were able to the cows at the Hammerschmidt's organic farm would be grinning all day long. The Hammerschmidt family takes loving care of all creatures on the farm. Especially its two-legged guests, big and little!

Amazing, isn’t it!

Every egg is identical? Well, that’s not exactly true. Our eggs come from chickens that are really happy! And our milk comes from contented and cheerful cows. They have a good life here on our farm and eat only organic feed. We are happy to show you how to milk a cow. And how to swipe a few eggs from the chickens.      

And we could take you for a ride, too! Everybody in your family, in fact! Just climb on the big shovel attached to our tractor. You can sit there comfortably while we take you on a ride around the farm. 

Is it “ghoulish” or “graslish”? Grasl, the leader of the robber’s gang, was both! He once hid in the woods near “Graslstein”. That was 200 years ago. But Graslstein is still pretty blood-curdling. Have a look yourself. You will find all kinds of other huge rocking stones nearby, deep in the woods.

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