Hof and Niederwieden Palaces

Hof and Niederwieden Palaces will be displaying ‘Sisi – Person & Royalty’ and ‘Sisi’s Son, Rudolph’, respectively.

The Empress of Austria and her son, Crown Prince of Austria, Rudolph, are both the focus of exhibitions in the Hof and Niederweiden palaces from 21 March to 20 November 2020.

‘Sisi’ on Tour: the special exhibition from the ‘Sisi Museum’ in the Vienna Imperial Palace will take an international tour in the next few years. Many unknown examples from the palace’s own Elisabeth collection will be showcased and provide an authentic look into the life of the unlucky Empress. The first stop on the tour is Austria's grand Baroque palace of Hof Palace and the Hunting Lodge in Niederweiden in Marchfeld: 

Sisi - Person & Royalty

In Jagdschloss Niederweiden, which is near to the Hof Palace, ten show pieces will be displayed from Empress Elisabeth's collection.  As a result, the exhibition is able to display never-before-seen items such as a medal of the Empres, photographs of both her children Gisela and Rudolf and a rider sculpture, which depicts a brilliant rider in the traditional side-saddle pose, as well as the latest academic findings on the life of the monarch.

Sisi’s son, Rudolph

The exhibition at Hof Palace offers an insight into the life of Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria, the only son of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. The focus is on the private life of the successor; from his formative experiences in childhood to his political views, to his outstanding scientific interest, the exhibition offers a more detailed look into the man behind the face of the Emperor’s son, who remains known by many for the tragic circumstances surrounding his death in Mayerling.