Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand has magnificent views of countryside that is a true a paradise of vistas. This area is an absolute favorite of hikers, climbers and paragliders.

Hohe Wand enthralls and fascinates hikers, climbers and children alike with its glorious vistas and exciting tours. You can explore nature from its most scenic side here, accompanied by friendly Alpine ibexes, brave paragliders and amusing llamas.

Above the clouds
Hohe Wand is a nature park for families with a fascinating skywalk that affords unique views of the Vienna Alps, at least for those brave enough to go out on it. From this bird’s eye view, you can enjoy sweeping vistas – and with luck, spy a few wild Alpine ibexes as well.

The view from above
From one of the many comfortable Enzo benches, you have a grand view of the sky above, where paragliders and hang-gliders are circling or elated climbers have just completed another ascent. These cult benches are at the most scenic resting spots and along various hiking trails and are inviting places to kick back and rest your weary legs and have a bite to eat.

For hikers big and small
Climbers and hikers pass by impressive rock formations and through thick forests as they make their way along the extensive system of routes.  Our tip for young alpinists: The exciting Kids’ Adventure Trail (Kindererlebnisweg) featuring llamas and alpacas, playgrounds and a treehouse.