A whole village dedicated to vacations!

At Hoteldorf Königsleitn in the Waldviertel

King of the world? No, but certainly king of the village – that’s how you feel at this holiday village: typical three-sided yards and no cars, plenty of scenic nature and a variety of activities for kids and adults. In July and August, children’s laughter can be heard constantly from our kindergarten, which gives mom and dad a little break.

Amazing, isn’t it!

In archery, you feel the muscles in your upper arms. And in Zumba dancing, your legs really get moving. The sand on our beach volleyball court is especially soft – you can go all out and dive into if need be. 

While golfing, you can show the adults how to whack that ball!

“I’m bored” is not a phrase you hear in this holiday village! In July and August there are plenty of arts and crafts going on in kindergarten and in the creative studio! You can become an American Indian complete with feather headdress and teepee! You can make leather bags, create gifts, jewelry and a whole lot more.

And there is plenty to explore and discover in the area around the village! The nearby moor has a plant that eats animals – the sundew! And taking a train ride is great fun on a narrow-gauge railroad!

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