For cave explorers and ace pilots

At JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort near Göstling

Hochkar is a mountain for adventurers! It has a huge cave deep inside it that attracts explorers young and old. In the climbing woods you actually learn how to fly! And at JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort, families will find plenty of action and plenty of rest and relaxation in unspoiled natural countryside.

Amazing, isn’t it!

What does the inside of a mountain look like? On a tour through Hochkar Cave (Hochkarhöhle), you become an adventurer and explorer. And because it is quite cold in the cave, the hotel lights a campfire at night for you to gather around to roast marshmallows and tell cave stories.

Then it is time to fly! 14 meters above the ground! On the Flying Fox Course you can learn to fly from tree to tree like a squirrel. Of course everything is perfectly safe! The coaches show you how to balance quietly and fearlessly on ropes, wood slats and ladders. By the time you finish, you feel like Super Boy or Super Girl!

So, it’s raining outside? No problem! You can have a great time in the playroom. Whizz down a slide from the second story to the first. Become the king of the bowling alley. Or build up your stamina playing soccer or volleyball in our big gym. When evening comes around, you can watch a movie in the hotel movie theater.

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