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Enjoy Wachau apricots

Wachau and summer evoke thoughts of fetching traditional costumes (Dirndl), delicious food and juicy apricots.

It's no secret that Wachau is delightful. There are already, however, the best pubs, destinations and walking routes of the summer in Dürnstein, around Krems and Spitz. Until now, at least. Because we've summarised them for you.

A bit of Wachau: Our local tips
Those looking to eat in Wachau will not come across a typical wine tavern. After all, here they eat regional delicacies such as Brettljause (ploughman's lunch) with home-made spread such as Liptauer cheese spread in the midst of the vineyards, and drink Riesling in its home in Wachau, specifically. As is also the case with Thomas Gritsch and his "Hof in der Lauben” in stunning Spitz an der Donau, whose farm not only wows with the panoramic view of the Danube. Outstanding wine and the same dishes are served at Holzapfels Prandtauerhof in Joching. It is not only the incredible wines but also Holzapfels liqueurs produced on-site that are a popular souvenir for friends and family!

Tasty apricots: Our Wachau tips
There are many outstanding producers in Wachau, but one of the very best is certainly the Schmidl bakery in Dürnstein where you must try the most celebrated Jausensemmerl (snack roll) in the region, the Wachauer Laberl. You should definitely include a visit to the Aufreiter apricot growers. Here you can stay, eat and even shop! The finest liqueurs and spirits sit on the shelf alongside exquisite wines and sweet treats. Those who want to can easily take a Wachau apricot tree home with them. Reinvigorated, the journey continues in Krems-Angern at the Marillenweg, allowing you to discover Wachau and its unique apricot landscape by foot. It incidentally begins right at the Aufreiters orchard.

Pssssst watch out: Our apricot insider tips
Many hiking routes head through Wachau. Unknown but by no means less impressive is the route to the Hinterhaus ruins. Accompanied by a fantastic view of Spitz and the Tausendeimerberg ("Hill of a Thousand Buckets"), you meander here as the Danube does through nature. To really savour Wachau and its fine wines and apricot brandies, we would advise you to stay in a Genießerzimmer, such as that of the baroque Landhof Burkhardt in Spitz. Especially if there are still more apricot events on the timetable. One special experience truly is the Spitzer Marillenkirtag where you will dance in traditional costume under chestnut trees opposite the church square and duly celebrate the apricot. Not only is the atmosphere legendary, but so is the apricot machine in which busy chefs churn out dumplings. We've got another tip for you: Wachau looks fabulous from a boat.