When good taste goes traveling, © Hauke Dressler

Dinner in the Weinviertel vineyards

When the grapevines catch some rays, the wine cellar routes celebrate and the hiking routes flourish, summer in the Weinviertel comes to a stop.

The summery Weinviertel invites you for chilled white wine and outstanding food. The excursion becomes a thing of delight when combined with a hike - or a dinner - in the vineyards. Read here to find out where they lead to.

Pleasure for the senses: Our local tips
When your eyes rejoice at the picturesque landscape, your palate rejoices at the thought of regional delicacies and your heart beats faster for extraordinary wines, you know you've arrived in the Weinviertel. One example being the “Gasthaus zur Alten Schule” guesthouse in Riedenthal where highly decorated chef Manfred Buchinger serves specialities of Weinviertel Galloway beef and original Weinviertel truffles at "Running Weinviertel" every Thursday. In Oberrohrbach, just outside Vienna, sits the Goldenes Bründl guest house with a Gault Millau award for outstanding food in a romantic garden restaurant in the middle of the forest. The exquisite food will also be extremely good at the “Tafeln in Eibesbrunn” on 18/08/2017 where a festive dinner in the vineyard under the clear skies awaits. It is also rather delicious in Hagenbrunn, but here there are 15 wine taverns (that is extremely unique!). Including a number of outstanding wine taverns with the TOP-Heuriger quality feature, such as that of the Deutsch family, where places are particularly popular under the archways in the colourful garden.

Don't miss out: Our producer tips
Bread, cakes and pastries are best tasted straight out of the oven. For this reason, we recommend a visit to Bäckerei Labschütz with the Gugelhupf and baking dish museum in Niederhollabrunn and branches in Stockerau and Vienna, where you should definitely try the Weinviertler Pilgerweckerl, a roll for pilgrims. Revitalised, it's then on to the breathtaking Kreuzenstein castle in Leobendorf. It is picture perfect, which is why the mountain has already been the setting of various Hollywood productions. Our tip: As part of the dinner series "Tafeln im Weinviertel" where you always dine in special places, there will be "Tafeln in Leobendorf" on 21/07/2017.

One final tip
Hiking into your own past and future: The exciting hiking route myway Weg in Hagenbrunn makes this possible, where the seven stages of life, represented as a mirror spatially and temporally, are waiting further out in the Weinviertel countryside. Our tip: Why not just stay in one of the Genießerzimmer at "Kammer und Koppel"?