Swimming, playing and petting calves

At the Kurzes’ family farm in Waldhausen where children are always welcome

A farm for kids – and life size at that! At the Kurz family farm, everything revolves around having a really fun family vacation where adults and kids can enjoy life in the country. For example, with fresh trout from the farm’s own pond.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Getting stranded on an island like Robinson Crusoe – now that would be exciting! Our swimming pond is not only good for water fights and snorkeling. It also has an island out in the middle where you can camp out and learn how to catch fish! Then your catch is grilled for supper at the farm’s own grilling hut.

Take a look in our huge play barn – it is just for kids! Climbers can climb here and dolls even have their own doll kitchen. Our Punch and Judies will put on a big show especially for you. Outside, you hop on a go-cart and race against the pedal tractor. Or you learn how to drive the really big tractor.

Psst! You have to be real quiet around the calves! They are so hungry! We show you the right way to feed them. And you might even be able to stay and watch the birth of a new calf. The star of our petting zoo is our pot-bellied pig.

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