Lower Austria’s Big 4

Bears, white tigers, otters and Lipizzan horses: Lower Austria’s top 5 animal-related attractions for the whole family

Happy bears, white tigers, fascinating wolfs, noble Lipizzan horses and playful otters – the top five animals of Lower Austria lure visitors for an animal-related excursion.

Four paws for six bears in Arbesbach
In the Bärenwald (bear forest) in Arbesbach, bears rescued from cruelty have been given a new home. The project is run by the animal welfare foundation “Vier Pfoten” (Four Paws). The imposing bears can be seen in their natural habitat. The Bärenhof Restaurant, run by top chef Michael Kolm, caters for all your creature comforts.

White tigers in Kernhof Zoo
As well as camels, llamas and coatis, the Kernhof Camel House is also home to the White Zoo. In the most modern enclosure in Europe, white tigers are nurtured, cared for and trained. There is also a tiger nursery for cubs. As part of the wildlife conservation programme, the only snow leopards in Lower Austria also live here. Tipp: Combine a visit to the zoo and the show!

Lipizzan horses in training in Heldenberg
The white Lipizzan stallions are traditionally trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. An additional training centre was built in Heldenberg in 2010. Here, you can watch the world’s oldest domesticated horse breed in training.

In a restricted area in the Stone Age village, there is also the recently-opened Aigner’s Falkenhof (falconry). Weather you are just walking through, or watching a falconry show, you will gain an insight to how protected and endangered or rare native birds of prey are bred, taught to hunt, and reintroduced to their natural environment.

Cheeky otters in Schrems
Children and adults alike will not be able to stop watching the otters in the UnterWasserReich (underwater kingdom) nature park centre in Schrems. The tireless swimmers and divers splash and play all day in their open-air enclosure. Indeed, feeding time is just as popular with visitors as it is with the otters themselves.