A farm full of adventures

Lueg organic alpine farm

The Lueg organic farm is located in the scenic Mostviertel at the end of the rift known as Lueggraben in the midst of alpine meadows and forests. But not only the setting is grand, so too is the teepee in the meadow, the trampoline and the many different animals that await you here – and all sorts of adventures!

Fun with animals
There is always plenty of that at Lueg organic farm. So many creatures bustling around there: ducks, bees, trout, cows, rabbits, pigs, Nero the farm dog and cats that can’t wait to be fed and petted by you. But that's not all. Every morning an important chore awaits you: You’ve got to swipe a few eggs for breakfast out of the chickens’ nests! That works best if you have a few kernels along in your pocket as bribery.

Wet, delicious and fantastic adventures
Happy and wet – that's what you’ll be on an adventurous river hike through the Erlauf or on a boat ride at Lunzer See. In the evening, the campfire is burning and ready for a cookout and during the day you can explore our adventure playground and build great dams and waterwheels in our stream. Need a little fortification along the way? We recommend fresh berries from our garden! The surrounding area also has much to offer. Three places always worth a visit are Hochriess Wildlife Park, Ötschergräben canyon and Haubiversum, where you can bake your own bread. Franz and Brigitte from Lueg organic farm are sure to have a suggestion or two for you as well!

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