Witches, fairies and princesses

At Märchenhotel Waldpension Nebelstein, the Schmidt family’s fairytale hotel cum forest pension

Why does Sleeping Beauty always sleep so long? And when will the next prince show up? This truly enchanting hotel-pension is a fairytale come true in Moorbad Harbach. Visitors large and small turn into knights and princesses here – and enjoy a magical vacation.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Sleeping as soundly as in a fairytale – that is easy at our hotel. You can slumber away in the Sleeping Beauty room for as long as you want. Or stay in the Aladdin room and look for his magic lamp. And who knows what treasures await you in the Ali Baba room?

In our Fairytale House you will find even more fairies, witches, knights and dragons. You’ve never seen so many toys before! There is even a Dwarf Grotto there to hide in. And a puppet theater where you can put on your own shows.

Are you an adventurer? Then you have to go on a treasure hunt in our Fairytale Garden. There are so many activities waiting for you. And your parents or grandparents can watch you from a comfortable hammock. Out in the woods there are huge rocks to explore. How did they get there? Did giants put them there?

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