Motor park, adventure playground and water world

A mountain full of adventures: JUFA Annaberg

One house, one thousand adventures: In and around JUFA Annaberg, you will find everything you need for a super cool holiday – and your parents will also be well catered for. You will finally be able to have some fun in peace!

Weatherproof adventures
JUFA Annaberg is a true experience resort, and is actually a gigantic adventure playground. From the motor park, head directly to the indoor play area, or the water world. If that’s not enough, we suggest a visit to the sportshall. There you can run riot, play ball games, or scale the climbing frame. With so many adventures, it is good that Mum and Dad are also taken care of. If you are looking for them, you will most likely find them in the sauna.

On the road to adventure
Did you think that was everything? Think again! There is an outdoor adventure beyond every hill, for example on the “Wilderness Route” (Weg des Wildes). This leads you to a reservoir, and informs you of the most common species of wildlife in the region along the way. The starting point is the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park, the Grand Canyon of Austria, which is itself worth a visit. Just like the Schaglhof, which is just around the corner from us, where you can ride horses. But our favourite route is the Herzerlweg (Herzerlweg) to Anna-Alm, because when we return home, we always sit around the Ötschergrill, roasting sausages and bread.

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