Mountain lodge holidays

For holidaymakers who want to stay up in the clouds.

Hearing the romantic rustling of the trees, exploring countless beautiful hiking routes, observing rare animals, enjoying lush, green meadows combined with the amazing scenery of a stunning mountain panorama, crystal-clear mountain springs, fresh air, peace and vitality, and unimaginable tranquility – all this and more awaits you if you stay in a Lower Austrian mountain hut!

“Mountains evoke yearning and at the same time, calm it”

Time loses all meaning here. It goes without saying that you will forget your daily grind and recover your perspective on what really matters in life. Enjoy the beauty of nature, the slow pace of life, the unspoilt simplicity. What do you feel like doing today? A wonderful walk across gentle hills, an action-packed mountain bike tour or a relaxing rest in the alpine meadows so you can watch the clouds drift by?

Charming lodges
Each lodge is unique with a long and exciting history. Find your perfect lodge and enjoy a home-away-from-home.