Energetic, shrouded in legend, magic: Natural places of power in Lower Austria

Their attraction is unique, their radiance even stronger. Revitalise yourself in Lower Austria's unique places of power.

Ancient places of worship, fantastic rock formations and old stories still fascinate today. That’s hardly surprising – you can feel their positive energy if you are perceptive enough. Read on to find out where these magical places are hidden, and what they have to offer.

The mystical druids’ meeting place in Yspertal

The druids’ meeting place is a combination of outer and inner stone circles, built from granite remnants with several geomantic anomalies, and may cause a slight feeling of dizziness or even hallucinations. Our tip: Discover the mysterious region by following the Druidenweg (Druid Route). The various greenstone formations and peculiar rock arrangements are presumed to be Celtic places of worship.

The diverse Kraftarena Gross Gerungs

The stone pyramid, the globe, the Kierlingstein well, the sacrificial stone, and the hermitage chapel: 5 places of power in which you can relax or feel revitalised. Each of these places has its own story to tell. Our favourite is that of “In der Klause”, the hermitage chapel. It is said that if you ring the bell in the chapel three times with a single pull on the rope, your wish will come true. Try your luck!

The stunning Kogelsteine in Eggenburg

These are traditions Kogelsteine according to a Stone Age observatory, which stands on a hill with a wonderful view of the forest quarter. We find the ground stone, which protrudes from the hill like a giant shark fin, particularly impressive. Our tip: Take a walk through the medieval Eggenburg, from where a hiking route leads to the Kogelsteine rock formation.

The energetic Maria Laach power route

Don't just hike through nature, but feel it, recharge your batteries and gain energy. The different stations along the 10 km long Power route allow you to explore interesting topics and places of power, which let you feel the spirit of times gone by. Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and meaning.

A journey back through time, to the Celtic settlement in Schwarzenbach

The pleasant circular route, which is around 2.5 km long, begins in the Keltenberg car park in Schwarzenbach, and leads to the site on which the popular Keltenfest (Celtic Festival) takes place every year. Tours of the Celtic ramparts, which date back to the 2nd century B.C., are offered, and immerse visitors in bygone eras.