Farm adventures and barn whispers

At Oberschönbichl

At Oberschönbichl, the Boxhofers’ family farm, you work up quite a sweat doing barn chores and racing go-carts. It's fortunate that the farm has its own swimming pool to cool off brave adventurers like you.

Earn your own barn medal!
Pia and Paul have already earned golden barn medals at Oberschönbichl. You can receive one, too, if you help as diligently in the barn as those two. That’s not as easy as it sounds. The big playground, refreshing pool or huge trampoline can all be big distractions from work. And of course the cute cats, rabbits, miniature goats and faithful farm dog would all rather cuddle and snuggle up with you, too, all day long.

Where parents chill and the kids grill
While your parents find scads of cozy places to kick back and relax around the house, you do the exact opposite. You whiz around the farm on a go-cart, play a couple fast games of ping-pong and explore the hill on a pedal tractor. And you work up a hearty appetite in the process – fortunately, there are fruit trees and berry bushes to provide you with snacks before you head to the idyllic cookout spot for supper. Of course a wonderful, fully equipped playroom also awaits you plus all kinds of possible outings such as pony rides, a visit to the zoo or bikes-on-rails for a fun change of pace!

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