Where the Scottish cattle live

At Ofnerhof, the Grubers’ family farm near St. Corona am Wechsel

Call them Angus – the cows – the Scottish cows that live at Ofnerhof, the Grubers’ family farm. They are fascinating for children. So, too, are the wonderful local countryside and the many possibilities for fun and games here.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Pitch-black cattle? That can’t be! Sure it can – you’re in for a surprise! Our cattle are from a breed known as Angus or Aberdeen Angus. That second name gives away their place of origin: Scotland. They are pitch-black and have no horns! And their legs are quite short. You can visit them at our farm.  

Four wheels make for the best ride of all! Hop on a go-cart and race against the toy tractors to see who wins! Or be the top scorer playing soccer. And if the weather is lousy outside, the playroom is always full of fun things to do.

There is something hanging from the ceiling there! If it feels soft it is a bat. If it is pointy and long and hard, it is a stalactite. It comes from water dripping down from the ceiling. And you are in the humongous Hermann's Cave (Hermannshöhle). It has passages 4,277 meters long! Crabs even live in them. This is the only place you find them!

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