The Schallaburg gallery will take you on a journey from the Black Sea to Schallaburg from 28 March to 8 November 2020.

The waves of the Danube will wash through the spaces in the Schallburg in 2020. The exhibition ‘DANUBE – People, Treasures & Cultures’ invites you to take a journey on the river from the Danube delta to Schallaburg.

Millions of years ago, the Danube smashed its way from its source to join the Brigach and Breg at Donaueschingen in Germany on its way to the Black Sea and today, it is the second-longest river in Europe.

Up the river!

The exhibition ‘DANUBE – People, Treasures & Cultures’ starts at kilometre zero in Sulina in the Romanian Danube delta: From the Black Sea through the narrow canyons of the Iron Gate, passed the plains of Hungary through Wachau, the river reaches Schallaburg. There are countless stories and tales that have emerged along this waterway. Whether it is the dramatic demise of the sunken island of Ada Kaleh or the secret clues to one of the oldest civilisations on the banks of the Serbian Danube, or the battles of Prince Eugens against the Ottomans or the destiny of the Danube Schwabians. The secrets of the Hungarian fish soup and the myth of the beautiful blue of the Danube are revealed in the exhibition. Meetings with people, portraits of impressive landscapes and a majority of exhibits never seen in Austria before from countries along the Danube form a colourful mosaic, which makes the character of the land around the Danube so fascinating even now. No other river in the world connects so many different countries, languages and mindsets like the Danube.