Piestingtal cycle route

A visual paradise meets art and culture: a delightful route through the beautiful, spectacular, and wildly romantic Biedermeiertal.

Directly connected to EuroVelo 9, the Piestingtal cycling route leads from Markt Piesting or Sollenau to Gutenstein or Rohr im Gebirge. Athletic cyclists head along the route and conquer the difficult ascent on the “Haselrast”, before they are rewarded with a magnificent view. Meadow landscapes, shaded resting points and narrow shingle beaches invite you to relax along the route.

Experience the delightful Biedermeiertal with your children

The pleasant and beautiful Piestingtal cycling route is connected to the Thermen cycle route (EuroVelo 9) in Sollenau, and is ideal for families until Gutenstein, thanks to its low gradient. The consistently paved roads lead through the wildly romantic Piesting, passing enchanting meadows, lush green fields, and idyllic villages. The well-signposted route features several pavilions, which provide an insight to what life was like in the Biedermeier period (1815-1848).

The valley of poets, musicians and painters

It is hardly surprising that the idyllic Piestingtal inspired the best works of writers, composers and artists such as Ferdinand Raimund, Johannes Brahms and Friedrich Gauermann. After all, there is a long succession of breathtaking views, the many castles and palaces tell fascinating stories, and significant historic and cultural buildings line the route.

A stopover is worthwhile!

We have two more insider tips for you! The Waldbauernmuseum Gutenstein, where 13 workshops provide a fascinating insight to how charcoal, shingles, and other materials were produced in yesteryear. A visit to the Myrafälle waterfalls, where a breathtaking natural spectacle awaits you, is an absolute “must”. Round off the day with a visit to a tavern, or by stopping at one of the many rest areas.