Knights, steeds and currants

At St. Annahof, the Eichbergers’ family farm in Rapottenstein

In the morning, you'd just as soon sleep in! The fragrant knotty pine beds at St. Annahof are unbeatable for a great night’s sleep. This idyllic farm with its many horses is ideal for an unforgettable family vacation.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Arielle is not a mermaid, she’s our Haflinger mare. Do you know how to tell a Haflinger horse? They have a light mane and a chestnut coat. We also have Arabian horses. They are a beautiful and noble breed. And Irish Tinkers – with really long hair on their legs known as feathering! All of them would love to have you take a ride on them!

You want to play medieval knight? Then ride with us on horses to Rapottenstein Fortress (Burg Rapottenstein). It has really thick walls, a dungeon and beautiful bowers – that is what the damsels’ suites of rooms were called in the olden days!

For the cowboys among our little guests, we light a big campfire in the evening and have a joint cookout!

If all this talk about food makes you hungry, don’t worry. We have so many fruit trees! And countless raspberries and blackberries and currants! We’ll show you how to make delicious apple juice yourself out of apples! And for an in-between-meal snack, you can help us bake rolls or cake made of spelt flour. A currant cake, for instance!

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