6: The Danube is a lake!

The fascinating Danube lake and the recreation facilities in Luberegg provide for plenty of entertainment during this wonderful bike trip.

The Emmersdorf holiday resort is a perfect starting point for cycling excursions in Wachau and the nearby Waldviertel as well as the Danube and up to Grein. On the shore area in Luberegg, there are two stone round towers. In the old days, they served as lighthouses and signal towers for the navy and as lighthouses they illuminate the wood stacking and loading area at the raft landing area. At the Danube lake in Weitenegg, you can go swimming, sailing, rowing or even surfing at the foot of the ruins.

Distance: 8 km
Altitude difference: none
suitable for children aged 6 and up

Route details “The Danube is a lake!”