Vienna Alps

The arc described by the Vienna Alps draws eyes and thoughts across the landscape and delights the palate – a region best-experienced with all the senses!

This paradise of vistas invites you to revel in its scenic beauty and sets your mind wandering. Culinary highlights are strung together here with extraordinary views, thereby stimulating and inspiring many an enthusiastic hiker’s palate and mind.

From Wechsel to Rax
It is no accident that the Vienna Alps are called a paradise of vistas. Along the lush alpine meadows, there are many hiking trails that offer magnificent views of the most imposing regional peaks just waiting to be explored. Our tip: The Vienna Alps Viewer. It fits into any backpack and is mirror-lined to give you and your camera whole new perspectives.

Enjoyment is always in season
Along with perfect views, you can look forward to the perfect atmosphere you are sure to find in the superb inns and rustic culinary alpine huts. Regional delicacies, hearty cuisine and scenic terraces invite you to kick back and enjoy.

Horizon-widening paths
From Bucklige Welt to Wechsel, Semmering, Rax and Schneeberg and on to Hohe Wand: The arc described by the Vienna Alps encompasses many of Lower Austria’s most beautiful summits. They are highly inspiring according to Freud, Ghega and Schnitzler, who all sought peace, quiet and new ideas on the region’s uniquely scenic hiking trails.