Wechsel is a change of pace from everyday routines. Besides hiking and climbing, you can become a high-speed adventurer and explorer of the great outdoors here.

The word “Wechsel” in German means change and is so apt. Hardly any other region has so many different hiking and climbing tours. And descents are a breeze: either quick on scooters and mountain carts or easy-going on the mountain railroad.

The great outdoors
Wechsel (elevation 1,743 m) looks out over a region full of nature and diversity. This paradise with its grand vistas has retained its original character to the present day. That is fortunate, because genuineness is what makes the Wechsel region so popular and unique.

Up and down and back around
The ascent is easy-going and scenic on the Mönichkirchen chairlift while the descent is fast and furious on the scooter and mountain cart course. The 2 km course takes you through lush meadows and green forests to the valley. If you appreciate a blend of tradition and relaxation you can look forward to merry celebrations like the SCHWAIGEN-REIGEN® mountain cabin festival and to Enzo benches to chill out on.

Hiking on rails
Hikers and climbers will both find plenty to do on Wechsel. Especially recommended is the crossing of Mönichkirchner Schwaig on Regional Route G. A number of other exciting hiking and climbing tours began at Mönichkirchen, St. Corona and Kirchberg am Wechsel.