Apricot adventure in the Wachau

At Weinhof, the Aufreiters’ family farm in Angern

Do you know Amy Apricoti? This happy flower elf child lives in the midst of apricot orchards and vineyards in the Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. At the Aufreiter family’s winery in the village of Angern, she invites families to come have big adventures with little apricots.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Amy Apricoti is not the only creature living along the Apricot Adventure Trail behind the house. Her friends, the busy bumblebees and the agile suslik, a local type of ground squirrel, also live there. Find out all about apricots and then pick out a tasty reward for yourself in our farm shop!

Sitting high up on a tractor is another great adventure you can have. Take a fun old-time tractor ride through the apricot orchards. And afterwards, enjoy juice and nectar. Just like the adults enjoy their wine and brandies.

Every one of our guesthouses has a swimming pool. If you like water, you can also become a captain down on the Danube. Visit the wheelhouse and get your own mini-captain license. Incidentally, the Danube wetlands are just behind the house.

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