Wachau World Heritage Trail

Great views: hiking among unique scenery

Fortresses and castles, vineyards and river landscapes: The Wachau World Heritage Trail and the Nibelungengau Trail invite visitors to take breathtaking hikes along the Danube – for great scenic views and fantastic historical sightseeing.

UNESCO World Heritage in the Danube Valley and the epic spirit of Lay of the Nibelung: The Wachau hiking trail passes along the river and vineyards to the most scenic lookouts and the most historical excursion destinations.

Hikeable Wachau
The Wachau World Heritage Trail is a high path that links 13 communities in the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage landscape. This famous 180 km route passes through the Danube Valley and the vineyards. It is divided into 14 legs and can be taken in both directions. There are 20 fortresses, ruins and castles to explore – along with the highest mountain along the Danube, at 960 m, and countless vineyards and stone terraces in the Wachau. Tip: You can tackle the 90 km long Jauerling Loop very individually with its seven different legs and three ferry connections.

Legendary hiking through the Nibelungengau
Today the Nibelungengau Trail passes through the territory where Rüdiger von Bechlaren, liege man of Attila the Hun, once dwelled in Lay of the Niebelung. This trail is perfect for extensive hiking. The 110 km long route passes along the Danube bank through imposing riparian landscapes. There are numerous excursion destinations to explore along the way, such as Artstetten Castle, Maria Taferl Basilica or the Ybbs-Persenbeug power station.