11 things that make your tour even better

Cycling to the railway and the wobble stone: We have the ten best things you should definitely not go without on the Iron Curtain Trail.

Having just caught the Waldviertelbahn, the first stop is already called Sole Felsenbad in Gmünd. The journey then continues to the National Park in the Thayatal, to the bread baking course in Drosendorf, and finally to cool off in the Herrensee lido. That and much more is the Waldviertel.

#1 Arrive with the Waldviertel train

Full steam ahead on the bike! And up to the far north, board the Waldviertel train and embark on an unforgettable journey. While you experience a Journey through the "far north" of Lower Austria, you only have to do one thing - make yourself comfortable. Use the charming adventure railway to discover the Upper Waldviertel on narrow-gauge tracks during a day trip. Take in the enchanting areas between Gmünd, Groß Gerungs and Litschau.

#2 Sole Felsen Spa

The Sole-Felsen-Spa in Gmünd is probably one of the most popular visitor magnets in the Waldviertel! The bathing and sauna landscape, the fresh and salt water pools with Bad Ischl's healing brine, the waterfall, the adventure slide and the spring stone - all this raises the pulse of adult and especially younger guests. The thermal baths are located on the idyllic Aßang pond in Gmünd. In addition to the adventure pool and thermal baths, there are also beauty and wellness offers for the quieter hours. Special extra: the sauna's themed infusions, which are performed by the staff.

#3 Eating ice cream in Drosendorf

The ice cream in Drosendorf is by no means thin ice cream, but it is very delicious. The ice cream here comes in two variations - milk or vegan! You can also get handmade Stanitzl, hot chocolate cake and homemade pastries at "Ice Eis Baby". So, what else are you waiting for? On your mark, get set, ICE CREAM!

#4 Thayatal National Park with wild cats

If you had to describe the National Park Thayatal in four words, they would probably be "discover, marvel, relax, breathe deeply". Because in a place where nature is allowed to develop unrestrictedly, people also feel close to it again. The park with its diversity of animals and plants is made for family excursions and hiking tours. Just thinking about it gives you a warm, cosy feeling of security. Special extra: the national park is home to wild cats and elks, which serve as a special highlight.

#5 Learn to bake bread

Bake small rolls? No way! After attending the workshop of the first Waldviertel organic baking school in Drosendorf, you will bake breads larger than the earth's circumference. Well, leaving all the pathos aside, what remains at the end of the day is at least the knowledge of bread baking, a good dose of sourdough aroma in your nose and the experience of having felt and tasted ancient cereals. Can you manage that? We’re sure you can.

#6 Eating carp in the Hopferl

Restaurant, pub, brasserie, wine bar and above all one thing: AMA fun region! There it is, or rather, it is part of it - the Hopferl town inn in Gmünd. In addition to all kinds of regional and seasoned home cooking, the Hopferl's menu includes carp. The Waldviertel organic carp fillet is then served naturally fried with parsley potatoes or baked with Waldviertel "peat salad". Well, if that doesn't sound altogether exquisite.

#7 Cooling off at Herrensee lido

The well-maintained Herrensee forest pool in Litschau offers plenty of opportunities for cooling down. An outdoor swimming pool and, of course, Herrensee itself form a wonderful unit of soothing wetness. In addition, there are many secluded spots where you can relax and let the Lord God be a good man. For children, there is also a paddling pool, the "Gatschkiste" directly by the lake and a large, shaded playground with climbing castle.

#8 Organic experience at the Hammerschmidt organic farm

Even if a French cheese advertisement would like to tell us cows can't smile! However, the creatures living at the Hammerschmidts' court are doing so well that, if you look closely, you will be tempted to change your mind. To get an overview of this bliss for yourself, you can take a seat in the shovel of the farm tractor and go for a spin around the farm. You'll soon realise that no two eggs here are alike, but the chicken and cow have one thing in common - happiness.

#9 Immerse yourself in the world of otters

The "UnterWasserReich" (UnderWaterWorld), a nature experience centre in the Schrems High Moor Nature Park, lets little & big environmental noses sharpen their senses. Here you can gain insights into the mysterious world of water, the habitat of wetland biotopes and the richness of species in the local underwater world. In the research laboratory, children can even examine water samples they have taken themselves from ponds and streams for traces of life. As a special extra, metaphorically speaking, you can immerse yourself in the otter's natural habitat and watch it feed.

#10 Block Heath Nature Park

When one speaks of bizarre granite formations, quiet forests, temperate meadows and gentle heath landscapes, then one can only be talking about the Blockheide Nature Park in Gmünd. Let yourself be captivated by the bizarre wobbly & goblin stones and the species-rich cultural landscape that the park has in store for you. Insider tip: Park your bike and enjoy this natural spectacle to the fullest at the observation tower at a height of 30 metres.

#11 Staying in the Treehouse Lodges

Between rugged granite and mysterious forests, where ancient waters carve their way through the landscape, perch the five beautiful tree house lodges. High up in the Waldviertel, you can recharge your batteries, listen to concerts by local forest animals and enjoy undisturbed togetherness in the midst of nature. The lodges at lofty heights are equipped with everything that makes adventurers' hearts beat faster: elegant furnishings, terrace, panoramic windows and the view of a 3-course dinner in the tree house.