Borderline, this cycling!

The Iron Curtain Trail is the perfect storyteller - and also a cycle path. Relics from the past tell stories here.

Old tank roads, border fences, historic bunkers and remnants of the Iron Curtain. Harald Winkler from the Haus der Zeitgeschichte Gmünd told us what you should see along the Iron Curtain Trail. We have added the 10 places most worth seeing in Austria and the Czech Republic and have also prepared another kind of to-do list that will immerse you in full delight. Start with a visit to the Sole-Felsen-Bad in Gmünd or the National Park Thayatal - there are wild cats there! What Joachim Franz has also done is wild, namely cycling the entire 10,000 km of the Iron Curtain Trail - from Norway to the Black Sea. His story? Read more here.

Iron Curtain Trail - Euro Velo 13 Gmünd - Retz | 199 km | details

By bike on EuroVelo 13

Collecting borderline experiences

The Iron Curtain Trail not only trains your physical condition, but also your understanding of history. Past old tank roads, border fences and historic bunkers, you experience the remnants of the Iron Curtain on your bike. Boundlessly exciting? You can find more tips here.