10 things to enrich your tour

260 km of natural landscapes along the second largest river in Europe and a list that could not be more exciting in terms of experiences.

No wonder: the Danube Cycle Path is not only one of the most popular, but without a doubt also one of the most worth seeing long-distance cycle paths in Europe. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons for that. We have compiled 10 extraordinary adventures.

#1 Bathing on the Luberegg river beach (Caribbean feeling!)

The longest natural sandy beach on the Danube and the idyllic Danube Lake offer ideal bathing conditions with a Caribbean feeling! Where else can you lie on a fine sandy beach, let the sun shine on your belly and have a wonderful view of Melk Abbey opposite and the Danube ships passing by? Probably only in Luberegg, a district of Emmersdorf.

#2 Changing banks with the ferry

Why not try a trip to the other shore? Namely from Dürnstein to Rossatz and vice versa. The bicycle ferry connects the two places from Easter until the end of October. The special thing about it is that it is powered by solar energy. So, over to the other shore and explore something new. And that too with a clear conscience, without a carbon footprint. The view is priceless!

#3 Wachauer Nose

A real landmark of the Wachau is the Wachau Nose by the artists' collective Gelitin. The nose can be found in the middle of the Wachau. More precisely, at the mooring station of the tugboat ferry in St. Lorenz. Looking at it, you could almost get the impression that a giant was buried lying down and only its nose was sticking out of the earth. That's how big the work of art is. Certainly a spectacle and perfect photo motif!

#4 Canoeing/Stand-Up Paddling in Dürnstein-Oberloiben

A SUP board is an inflatable surfboard that you stand on and do one thing: paddle! Due to its size, it offers good stability as well as safety on the water. Stand-up paddling and canoeing can be learned quickly and safely, they offer a high fun factor and absolutely no previous experience is required. Experience the Wachau from a completely new perspective. So get on it, paddle and explore the banks of the Danube!

#5 Visit to the Rossatz Apricot Mile

Apricot gardens as far as the eye can see. In Austria's largest apricot-growing community, Rossatz-Arnsdorf, you will find a beautiful network of hiking trails through apricot gardens. Here you can buy fresh fruit or refined products at the so-called apricot filling stations.

#6 Krems State Gallery

The Lower Austria State Gallery presents itself as a young and dynamic exhibition venue and becomes the Centre of the Krems Art Mile. The state gallery not only impresses on the outside with its modern architecture, but it also offers visual highlights on the inside. In this way, the staircase does not simply become a stairwell, but rather a unique photo backdrop. So you too can become the main protagonist in the painting of tomorrow.

#7 Krems Coffee Campus

Panama Geisha, Clever Student or Fesche Wachauerin are just three of the many coffees that can be tasted at Krems Coffee Campus. During a one-hour guided tour, every coffee aficionado can not only learn everything there is to know about coffee, but also patiently indulge in learning how to get artistic figures on the coffee's cap. Be your own barista. Best of all: tasting, coffee and nibbles included.

#8 Overnight stay in a mobile home in Donaupark Tulln

A different kind of overnight stay. In one of the 20 comfort mobile homes at Donaupark Camping Tulln. With three bedrooms each, a large terrace and a low cyclist rate including breakfast, it's a particularly good place to stay. So, how about ending the day in the cosy tavern and swimming in the bathing lake? Special tip - a canoe tour in the Danube floodplains.

#9 Bathing anno dazumal in Kritzendorf

The swimming area in Kritzendorf is not only a publicly accessible allotment site with access to the Danube, but also a journey back in time. Even though bathing here was discontinued at the end of the 1970s, this does not detract from the ambience and the bathing pleasure. Here you can swim and sunbathe in a wonderful 1930s setting. For fitness enthusiasts, swimming against the current is recommended. In demand - endurance!

#10 Danube Floodplain Adventure

Did you know that the Danube Floodplain National Park protects one of the last large unspoilt floodplain landscapes in Central Europe? No? Then it’s all the more important to take a break from cycling at Orth Castle and the "Tor zur Au" visitor centre. Because there you will certainly get to know one thing better - thebreathtaking world of the Danube floodplains. A variety of habitats provide a home for diverse flora and fauna. So if you want to experience true wilderness, you don't need to travel far.