Full steam ahead!

The Danube is a power stream. Its water produces an enormous amount of energy, and those who cycle along it get to know their best spirits of life.

For Martin Samek, bike aficionado, cycling along the Danube is a kind of power nap. After a tour, you feel light and fresh, he reveals in the interview. For others, a light switches on - literally - because the water of the Danube generates electricity, as Tamara Leeb from the Danube power plant Ybbs-Persenbeug knows. And by doing so, it supplies two million(!) households in Austria. A different kind of energy in the form of barbecues, thirst quenchers, ice cream & co. is available at the 10 best "energy filling stations" along the river. And on top of that, of course, we have a list of places and things that you simply must have seen when cycling so happily along Austria's longest river.

In the water lies the power

Fill up on energy, please!

The Danube generates electricity, transports people and goods and makes people waltz all over the world. Just as versatile as the river is its Danube Cycle Route. With places to recharge your batteries, unforgettable encounters and experiences that make your heart beat in three-four time.