10 things to experience on the tour

A bike tour through the Vienna Alps undoubtedly has more to offer than just trails - other "Things to Do" that you should definitely not miss at the Wechsel.

Tired from uphill and exhausted from the wind in my face. Sometimes you long for a welcome change from cycling. How good that the Vienna Alps are lined with enough attractions for a programme full of contrasts. Here are our top 10 for a holiday in St. Corona am Wechsel.

#1 Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on the Mountain

All roads lead to the reservoir. After all, what could be better than relaxing by the water after a long bike ride and doing a few laps on the SUP board to cool off? We know - a chilled drink from the rental station and a view all the way to Hungary. By the way, you don't have to starve at the reservoir either, as a picnic basket is delivered by a Wexl Trails shuttle bus on request.

#2 Summer tobogganing at the Wexl Arena

When excitement mounts and the traffic lights finally turn green, the fast-paced toboggan ride through steep curves and roundabouts, past forest and hiking trails begins. At the end of the 870-metre long track in St. Corona am Wechsel, you ascend back to the start to enjoy the scenic countryside around Kampstein. Top speed of 40 km/h guaranteed! If this is too fast for you, you are advised to use the brakes.

#3 Picnic on the mountain

When locals of the Wechsel region proudly talk about their alpine huts, there is no getting around the word "Schwaigen". This is what the alpine pastures on the Wechsel are called. The picturesque huts stand on the mountain slopes of the Wechsel and can be hiked to without much difficulty. The hikers do not have to stay hungry for long. The alpine huts offer excellent home cooking. So nothing stands in the way of a picnic on the mountain with distant views over alpine pastures and the rolling hills of the Hochwechsel.

#4 Corona's Ant Trail

The theme trail in St. Corona am Wechsel, "Corona's Ant Trail”, takes visitors on a journey of discovery into the world of the tiny forest dwellers with a puzzle bag. The trail starts at Gasthof Orthof, close to the summer toboggan run, and takes you along roughly 2.5 kilometres up the Kampstein mountain and includes 15 learning stations. The"Relax-Reich "awaits at the highest point of the adventure trail -perfect for a rest! And when all that exploring makes you hungry, the Orthof Inn welcomes the new ant experts back at the starting point with wonderful regional cuisine.

#5 Bull rodeo at Ramswirt

After receiving a bull drink - yes, you read that right - we take the bull express - again, you read that right - from the Ramswirt to the farm 1 km away. You can train your balance there - not on the breeding bull, but at least on the electric bull. The large playground right next to the house is a little quieter. This offers both young and older guests an unforgettable experience.

#6 Erlebnisalm Mönichkirchen

At the Erlebnisalm Mönichkirchen at 1,200 m above sea level, nothing stands in the way of an action-packed or relaxing day on the mountain. Whether it's an exciting day of mountain carting or scooter riding for the whole family or relaxing hours of hiking and swinging on the Schwaig - just an hour's drive from Vienna, the chairlift takes mountain lovers to the Mönichkirchner Schwaig. The panorama is impressive, the alpine huts rustic. And fresh air included.

#7 Hermann's Cave Kirchberg

In the Hermannshöhle northwest of Kirchberg am Wechsel, it's all about one thing - pulling your head in! A total of 17 bat species live in the cave, through which you carefully make your way - and largely undisturbed, because Hermann's Cave has been a natural monument since 1931. And it is precisely for this reason that it is a show cave and can be visited on a guided tour. In addition to a classic tour, there is also an extended version that leads into undeveloped parts of the cave system.

#8 Wechsel trout

Two natural ponds and a restaurant form the perfect symbiosis for anglers and connoisseurs of local freshwater fish in Trattenbach. The ponds are home to salmon trout, rainbow trout and char from in-house breeding. And fish farming quickly turns into fish addiction. On the menu of the family business, you will find culinary specialities ranging from pickled salmon trout with dill to grilled rainbow trout fillet with parsley potatoes.

#9 Glamping Park Mönichkirchen

At Glamping in Mönichkirchen, overnight stays in nature lodges become true adventures in nature and are ideal places to sleep for all those hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and the like who want to spend the night in nature with all the comforts. Very well insulated and heated wood lodges are available. All including everything you need for a leisurely stay.

#10 Pebbles, St. Corona am Wechsel

In the centre of St. Corona am Wechsel, a really big oasis of well-being was created on a really small space. Minimalist and simple, guests are provided with everything and (almost) no wishes remain unfulfilled. The combination of shop and café has something for everyone - home accessories, sweet odds and ends and fragrant coffee! And of course much more besides. So what are you waiting for? Let's go to Pebbles in St. Corona am Wechsel.