6 Advent markets at castles, monasteries and palaces

Enjoy Christmas markets in castles, palaces and monasteries together with hot chestnuts and tenderly made handicrafts in an ambience steeped in history.

From medieval rustic to royal fairy tales, when the temperature drops, Lower Austria’s castles, palaces and monasteries become more reflective. No wonder you can find the most idyllic, fondly decorated Advent markets here with charming home-baked food. Get into the romantic Christmas mood at the six Christmas markets below, whose breathtaking scenery and attractive atmosphere especially stand out.

1. Imperial ambience at the Grafenegg Advent

Considered the traditional highlight of the Advent season, the Grafenegg Advent is where you can find special craftwork, enjoy cultural events and sample regional cuisine. Delicious traditional food is waiting for you in the festively illuminated castle park and nearby rustic huts. Both well-known Lower Austrian Advent caroling and impressive Christmas concerts create an Advent ambience like no other. Families find the Christmas market a popular place, with a diversity of events ranging from encounters with horses and llamas, singalong workshops, Christmas stage shows and St. Nicholas parading through it all.

2. Medieval Advent at the Aggstein castle ruins

Everything turns medieval among the ruins at the Aggstein Castle Advent. The inner courtyards of the castle, illuminated in torch light, feature a special medieval market with culinary delights and live music. Gifts for this year’s Christmas include handmade leather products, rustic stands with children’s armor and fascinating ceramic artwork. Inspire your young guests at the Advent market with exciting fairy tales told by Dena Seidl or the chance to pet alpacas. Ringing out the Christmas event is a spectacular fireworks display.

3. Christmas tales at the Kottingbrunn Water Castle

Like Christmas stories anybody would wish to hear, be captivated by the imperial and historical waterfront ambience of the Advent Market at Kottingbrunn Castle. You can stroll leisurely through the castle courtyard and the Kaiserallee in the castle park for a fascinating experience. In addition to gift ideas at the arts and crafts market and the delicious food, a brass quartet provides musical entertainment to accompany you. Children can look forward to walking with llamas and pony rides, too.

4. Firelight Courtyard Christmas at Seitenstetten Abbey

Travel a little further southwest to the romantic Advent market at Seitenstetten Abbey full of atmosphere and listen to brass bands playing from the tower and Advent carolers singing. As you take in the musical atmosphere of the Advent season, try the finest cider specialties made from different types of cider pears. A special event is the roasting of pears, which creates its own ambience along the cider street. In between everything, you can view exhibits of ancient handicrafts and how they are made, or indulge yourself in the culinary delights at the stalls inside the monastery’s covered inner courtyard.

5. Romance at the Jaidhof Advent Market

The Advent market at Jaidhof Castle is one of the best-kept secrets of the Christmas season. Along with delicious food like hot chestnuts, flatbread Feuerflecken and honey, there is a wide variety of woodcarvings, handmade ceramic products and rather unusual works of art. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage or listen to a Christmas concert in the castle library for unforgettable romantic Advent moments.

6. Advent market with a rustic flair at Kirchschlag Castle

Drink punch a different way in the ruins of Kirchschlag Castle high above the city, with breathtaking views of the Bucklige Welt’s rolling hills. The region’s largest Advent market invites you to linger around during the Christmas season. Enjoy a true Christmas moment at the Advent huts, where numerous exhibitors from around the region present their unique handicrafts and regional specialties.

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