The high culture of wine: Wine autumn in Carnuntum

Römerland (Roman town) delights all year round with wine, history and indulgence - but it’s the wine autumn season when it really comes alive.

Not far from Vienna awaits the Carnuntum wine autumn, where fruity, velvety red wines thrive in historic soils, which inspired even Marcus Aurelius himself. Here you can read about oenophilic and culinary highlights as well as where to experience the history of wine.

Eat better than the Romans themselves: Our top tasting tips

Wine, life and indulgence. Three things that the Romans understood best of all. And during the wine autumn, good taste is celebrated all the more extravagantly. The World Barbecue Champion Adi Bittermann provides a - or, to put it another way, plenty of - delicious proof of this every day. The chef at wine merchants Vinarium Göttlesbrunn, the first Carnuntum barbecue school and the exceptional guest house in the former imperial and royal school is our world leader in flavour. Our tip: Try the offal. We’re equally delighted to raise a glass from the Rubin Carnuntum  winery. The combination of the best wineries in Römerland means the only the best vines reach the bottle. Our tip: Visit the wonderful farm shop at Schmidt Bruck vineyard, offering handpicked regional products.

Don’t miss: Our top tips for a journey into the past

Experience history in Römerland Carnuntum, the only reconstruction of a Roman district in the world, which delights with its authenticity. Along with the museum, the thermal pools, heated all year round, the authentic buildings, the amphitheatre and the gladiator school offer an exciting glimpse into life in the past. Our top tips for arrival: A hop-on hop-off bus runs from nearby Vienna.

Celebrate and dream: Our secret highlights

And since no one should drive home after all that delicious wine, we have another overnight tip for you: Edelmann vineyard in Göttlesbrunn, where a holiday on the vineyard awaits you.

Active tip

Five new hiking trails lead to the region Römerland Carnuntum between Vienna and Bratislava: The VIA.CARNUNTUM. On 70 km people that enjoy hiking follow the traces of the ancient Romans and experience the rich history of the region.