Always follow the grapevine , © Niederösterreich Werbung/Romeo Felsenreich

The most beautiful cycling routes in the wine region

Tastefully discover Lower Austria’s eight fabulous wine-producing regions.

Vineyards, fields and picturesque wine cellar lanes form the backdrop of your trip. Let an electric motor or pedal power set the pace. Stop at a tavern and experience Lower Austrian inn culture. Cycling in Lower Austria's splendid wine-producing regions promises many precious moments for the eyes, mouth, nose, and of course the heart.

It is only natural that some of the Top Cycle Routes in Austria’s largest wine-producing region lead from vineyard to vineyard. After all, it is always wine o’clock somewhere! There are also many wine-themed cycling trails. Here are our top 5 wine-themed cycling routes ... 

# Thermal cycling route

For wine-loving cyclists, the Thermal cycling route is the direct connection from the city to the vineyards. The route is very straightforward, running along flat paths from the outskirts of Vienna (Vorarlberger Allee) via Vösendorf towards Laxenburg, along the Wiener Neustadt Canal to renowned wine-growing regions including Kottingbrunn, Gumpoldskirchen, Pfaffstätten and Baden, and ending up in Wiener Neustadt. Along the route, you can also change onto the South or Badner railway.

# Wagram discovery tours

Search and find, that’s the motto of Wagram! Cycle through unspoilt alluvial forests, discover secluded lookout spots and marvel at wine terraces interlaced between striking loess formations. Cycling in Wagram is pure scenic pleasure on two wheels: a real discovery tour

# Traisental Vineyard Trail

The 15 km long Traisental Vineyard Trail runs through vineyards, orchards, villages and wine cellar lanes and past castles and museums. It starts in Hollenburg (at the Danube Cycle Path), which is well-known for its many stunning lookout points with views over the Danube and Traisen valleys, into the foothills of the Alps and as far as the Vienna Woods.

# Danube Cycle Path

Apricots, wine, Roman cities, castles, impressive gardens – the most beautiful section of the well-known long-distance cycle path EuroVelo 6 (EV6) clearly runs through Lower Austria. Take your time and pedal along the silvery-blue ribbon of the Danube on former towpaths and on quiet village streets, and enjoy wine-lovers’ insights and outlooks into the well-known wine regions. Travel tip: You can also switch from the Danube Cycle Path to the train, but don’t forget to reserve a bicycle storage spot on the train in advance!

# Weinviertel DAC Cycle Tour

Zweigelt, Portugieser or Veltliner – in the Weinviertel, there is a wide variety of different wine-themed cycle routes between 35 and 75 kilometres. A wine tour with insights that we would particularly like to recommend to you is the Weinviertel DAC Cycle Tour. Starting from the main square in Retz, it runs in typical wine region serenity through Zellerndorf, Röschitz and Pulkau and back towards Retz, where you will find the easiest public transport connections to the train from Vienna.