Experience through and through: Nature, mountains and mountain bikes

You don't have to reinvent the wheel every summer. Sometimes it is enough to rediscover old familiar routes. Everything about mountain biking in the Vienna Alps.

Cycling never gets boring and is very popular. Fresh air, freedom, cycling - what could be better? The answer is quite simple and is obvious in ten points. We present the most beautiful action rides in the Viennese Alps.

Sweat flows when muscles cry - at least that's how the old cycling saying goes. But no one has to suffer at Wexl Trails, because on the trails that the province offers, the only thing that flows are tears of joy. Only half an hour away from St. Corona am Wechsel, the nearby Bikepark Semmering offers the ideal combination of action and relaxation. The park comprises 18 km of different routes at all levels of difficulty. Whether on the family route for beginners and families or on the freeride and downhill route for advanced and professionals - fun is guaranteed in the bike park. So, what else are you waiting for? Get on your bike and get into the action!

#1 Hochwexltrail the WU

The "Hochwexltrail the WU" is a single trail at 1,743 metres above sea level, the highest point of the Wechsel, so to speak. In professional circles, this is also referred to as "pure bliss". Past blueberries and cows, this sheer fairytale-like 2.7 km trail goes over roots and stone slabs with an uninterrupted view as far as Vienna and as far as Lake Neusiedl. And all this without any difficulties. Could it be any more beautiful? It’s doubtful.

#2 Mini Bike Park

From the tender age of three, little cyclists can set off and discover their love of mountain biking. Whether on a racing bike or a mountain bike - the youngsters can let off steam here. But advanced bikers can also improve their technique on the skills line with or without a coach on the root carpet, stone field and practice drops. The little ones don't have to struggle uphill - thanks to the magic carpet.

#3 Flow trail

Whether motivated kids, E-MTB beginners or enthusiastic freeriders - the uprooted 4.5 km flow trail makes beginners' and professionals' hearts beat not at downtempo, but freestyle. Along the route there are plenty of rest stops and places to meander along, so you can also enjoy the view while snacking on blueberries. On the subject of airtime, 100 turns and 35 jumps are available, but you can also simply roll over them.

#4 Single trail

A good balance to flowing curves is the single trail in the Wexl Trails trail network. This is where bikers are challenged - that's for sure! Experienced cyclists know that roots, stones, steep sections and still fresh forest soil are the ingredients for a perfect and certainly challenging ride. With a course length of 3.7 km and a whole host of challenges, this is certainly only something for experienced riders.

#5 Uphill flow trail

The 5.3 km long uphill flow trail provides a lot of fun and can be mastered by young and old. But watch out - it's uphill! Even experienced mountain bikers experience a completely new riding sensation, because thanks to e-bikes, airtime is guaranteed on the tables and uphill approaches. Anyone who is cycling the bike park for the first time is advised to make sure to take the downhill bike path after the uphill ride.

#6 Downhill Line

Two words about the "Downhill Line” - rough and natural. Roots, stones, rocky outcrops, jumps and off-camber sections await well-trained mountain bikers over a distance of 1.1 km. Hardtail riders will not find their happiness here, but anyone who prefers their ride short and intense certainly will. This line demands some technical biking skills. Two more words to conclude - experts only!

#7 Haller Trail

At over 1,300 metres above sea level, in the midst of the Elysian landscape of Mönichkirchen, you will find an almost unexplored jewel - the Haller Trail. "Out of the hut, into the flow". The Haller Trail is a flowing single trail for mountain bikers and winds its way down to the Mönichkirchner Schwaig. From there, the trail leads you through a sibyl-like forest, down into the tranquil valley. You can get to the start of the trail either from the Erlebnisalm in Mönichkirchen or from the village of Mariensee.

#8 Downhill bike path

Even more relaxing than the flow trail, but certainly more exciting than any forest road, is the downhill bike path. The simplest conditions are the reason for a safe downhill ride - even without previous bike park experience. Super flat, no wild curves and no roots or stones lie in the 2.7-km-long path. The downhill bike trail is suitable for beginners of all ages and is recommended for those going to a bike park for the first time.

#9 Jumpline

The Jumpline of the Wexl Trails, a route with many jumps, lets experienced mountain bikers fly higher for 1.5 km. Tables, shark fins, road gaps and other trick spots raise the pulse of all airtime lovers and certainly increase one thing - the adrenaline level. Tip! The flow trail offers enough jumps to practise on and once you've got them down, it's time to head over to the jumpline. For all advanced mountain bikers with proven jumping technique.

#10 Zauberberg Semmering Bike Park

Cyclists from all over Austria are drawn to the Zauberberg Bike Park in the spa town of Semmering. All trails start at the top station of the cable car and lead 350 m down into the valley. The 2.8-km-long Family Line, the Freeride Area or the Downhill Line of 2.2 km, which is probably the most difficult course on the Zauberberg, have to be conquered. So there's something for the whole family at the Zauberberg Bike Park on Semmering.