So scenic: Dürrenstein, Lunz am See, the wilderness area and the unique Doline Grünloch. Views here tend to be panoramic!

Dürrenstein and lovely Lunz on its turquois-blue lake are inviting places for alpine enthusiasts to admire, enjoy and of course, hike. Nature is breathtaking here, with one glorious panoramic view after another!

Lake meets old-growth forest
Every meter of Dürrenstein's 1,878 m elevation delights hikers. Nearby Lake Lunz and the idyllic town of Lunz are great for swimming and boating while Rothwald, one of Europe’s last old-growth forests, is just waiting to be explored. Our tip: the guided tour to the 1000-year-old yew tree!

Natural spectacles deluxe
Besides Rothwald and yew, you will want to visit Doline Grünloch. This impressive sinkhole is 500 meters wide and Europe’s cold pole (minus 52.6 degrees). Equally fantastic is the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area (Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein). It is home to a host of protected species found only here.

From easy to tough
Ybbstalerhütte is a popular destination for hikes. After a delicious stop-over at this alpine hut, you can proceed to Grosser Hühnerkogel and Kleines Hirzeck. Also nearby is the summit of Dürrenstein. It affords a wonderful view of the vast countryside below. Our tip for advanced hikers: Hochkar-Dürrenstein-Ötscher alpine tour.