Love for Cellar Alleys

You don’t often get the chance to “cycle through” a cultural asset. The wine cellar-lined roads around Retz are an exception.

They are called “villages without chimneys” and are known as the original homes of wine - Kellergassen (cellar alleys). There are many of them and we are presenting the 10 most beautiful ones along the rally. We took a walk with winemaker Josef Diem through the Maulavern cellar alley, about which he knows just about everything - including the most important thing, namely where it is best to rest there as a cyclist. Wolfgang Klinggraber, owner of “Sgrafit bike”, told us what the Sgraffitohaus in Retz is all about. That should actually be enough to make you want to start cycling right away, but if you want more, you'll get more - in the form of 10 tips that round off the sporting activities - as does a Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir) with dinner, for example.

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