Muse Kisses from the Vienna Woods

The "Klöster Kaiser Künstler” (monastery imperial artist) tour offers one inspiration after another for cyclists with an affinity for art and culture.

Why is it so good? "Art is beautiful, but it takes a lot of work."Fortunately, cycling doesn't cause so much work and is just as beautiful - especially when you encounter art and culture along the way, as in the Vienna Woods. Why cycling and art go so well together in this region was revealed to us by art collector and cycling aficionado Axel Nemetz from the "At the Park" hotel in Baden. Felix Schneider, founder of Bike-Schneiderei, explains the value of repair. And then we have 10 insider tips for you along the route. With art, but without much work, of course.

Monastery Imperial Artist Tour trekkingtour from Thallern/ Gumpoldskirchen | 60 km | details

On Monasteries Emperor Artists Tour on the road.

Art experiences

Across the Vienna Woods, where the nobility once lived in their castles, the Klöster Kaiser Künstler Tour leads from one art and cultural highlight to the next. Of course, you are welcome to take all the inspiration that lies along the way with you.