Experience the Wine Autumn

Celebrate after a busy day of cycling or hiking – traditional wine festivals, age-old customs, and first tastes.

The best season for connoisseurs is the fifth one: the Weinherbst (“wine autumn”) in Lower Austria. The region’s wine culture is alive with old customs, magnificent festivals, and delicious tasting sessions.

The most delectable season

The fresh, humid morning air, which is dried by the warm mid-day sun. The glowing yellow and deep red of the vineyards. The sights, scents and atmosphere will make you feel comfortable during the Indian summer in Lower Austria. This time of the year is also known as the Weinherbst (“wine autumn”) because wine is both pressed and celebrated during this period.

There are many ways to enjoy the Wine Autumn

In a nutshell, the Wine Autumn involves: Enjoying wine in connection with long-standing traditions, culinary delights and autumnal scenery. The opportunities for enjoying wine are manifold:

  • Festivals in the Kellergassen lure you to romantic towns which are home to the wines of Lower Austria.
  • Sturm-Festivals offer the first servings of wine (called "Sturm" what means "storm") refers to the liquid squeezed from red or white grapes, which has just begun its alcoholic fermentation)
  • Wine baptisms and harvest festivals keep old customs alive
  • Hikes and cycling tours through vineyards combine indulgence with movement

Wine Autumn events