Green lakes, clear rivers!

Head away from the city and dive into an Alpine summer in Lower Austria – or to put it more simply: Into the most beautiful and natural outdoor pools in Lower Austria.

Nature created the best outdoor pools of all for us. Crystal clear waterfalls, romantic river banks and emerald green lakes await you – free of crowds and hubbub. But with views of Alpine peaks. Alpine summer in Lower Austria has never been so refreshingly wet and cool!

Outdoor swimming spots with Alpine views

Had enough of standing in an outdoor pool like a sardine in a can instead of swimming? There is only one remedy for that: Get out of the city and into Alpine summer in Lower Austria! Excellent outdoor swimming spots await you there in the great outdoors, with lively natural water in waterfalls and streams, rivers and lakes. Complete with Alpine views.

White water everywhere you look

Ötschergräben is a scenic canyon known for its breathtaking waterfalls. Swimming at the Lassing, Mira or Schleier falls can be combined wonderfully with a hike and an overnight stay at an Alpine hut. Wechsel has a white water trail (Wildwasserweg) that is an inviting place to explore romantic stream banks and idyllic springs.

Water hike to the top

The Wiener Wasserleitungsweg is a trail that takes you through a valley called Höllental along the world-famous First Viennese Water Line. This is the water supply line for carrying water from springs high in the Alps to Vienna. Later you might head for the hot spring baths in Fischau. Or walk barefoot along the fascinating trail on Wechsel about the lifecycle of water (Lebenswasserweg) and you can trace the course of rainwater from spring to pond.