Through canyons to waterfalls

Hiking through Lower Austria’s most scenic canyons: Walking through a waterfall in Ysperklamm and then into Hagenbach-Klamm, a ravine in Eichenhain Nature Park.

Hiking through an Alpine canyon: The routes passing through the ravines Hagenbach-Klamm or Ysperklamm are enchanting with their rushing waterfalls, mystical rock faces and small stone steps and bridges.

Romantic wilderness awaits you on a hike through Lower Austria’s most scenic canyons and ravines. And the temperature between rock and water is pleasantly cool even on the hottest days. That is a big plus for all hikers, big and small – and even for those on four paws.

Cascades at a natural landmark
Grosse Ysper rushes through its ravine in a series of waterfalls. With its imposing granite formations and myriad stone and wooden steps and bridges, Ysperklamm is considered the largest and most scenic ravine in Lower Austria and a true natural landmark. Rote Reithbrücke, the bridge in the middle of the ravine, enables an easy descent in between. Incidentally, Ysperklamm is also a great place to hike with dogs – your pooch is sure to love splashing in the cool water in the clear sections of shallow water along the trail.

Old mill and noble falcon
Hagenbachklamm is a ravine in the middle of Eichenhain Nature Park in the Vienna Woods. The circular hiking trail takes about 2.5 hours to walk and goes from the St. Andrä entrance in front of Hagentale to Unterkirchbach and back again. This marked hike takes you through oak and beech woods along the Hagenbach to an old mill – and beyond to Unterkirchbach. On returning, you can hike Klammweg, another enchanting ravine trail. Tip: At the end of the ravine is Europe’s largest private breeding station for birds of prey. There are over 30 species of falcons, eagles and owls living at this station.