morning skiing

Guga hö, © Fred Lindmoser

"Guga Hö" morning skiing in the Mostviertel

Be the first on the slopes! Exclusive skiing pleasure at sunrise on the Mostviertler mountains.

Do you want an unforgettable winter experience in the Mostviertel Alps? How about some pure skiing fun and culinary delights? A particular highlight awaits early birds on the mountains in the Mostviertel. “Guga hö” is a new skiing experience for early birds. The name derives from a word in the local dialect meaning “wide awake”.

Be the first! Skiing by sunrise

How would that be: A mug of hot tea by the fire in the valley station. Watching the sunrise from the chair lift. All around you: Fresh snow and peace & quiet. Breathe in the fresh morning air at the summit, and let your eyes wander over the slowly awakening landscape. Put your goggles on and conjure up the first turns of the day on the pristine slopes. By now, everyone in the group is feeling “guga hö” (wide awake), and enthusiastically follows the ski guide, because only he knows the best places on the mountainside where you can admire the sunrise and the view. He will record it all on his GoPro camera, and therefore ensure that your “Guga hö” memories will last a lifetime.

Stop for a hut brunch

After enjoying an exclusive skiing adventure, you can look forward to a stop in one of the huts. The fire blazes in the hearth, and pear wine sparkles in your glass. Time for a hearty brunch with regional delicacies. The hut serves specialities from the Mostviertel. With renewed strength and energy levels, it’s back to the chair lift or over to the sun loungers. Relax and soak up the sun whilst overlooking the Mostviertel. Pure skiing fun.

The “Guga hö” offer:

  • Full day ski pass (valid from 6:30 to 16:00)
  • Welcome snack and tea at the Ötscher: Barbeque
  • Exclusive skiing fun on freshly groomed slopes
  • Mostviertler hut brunch with regional products

Price per person: € 109.00
Price per child (8-15 years) in Annaberg: € 66.00 
Family ticket in Annaberg (for up to 4 people, of which a maximum of 2 adults): € 219.00

Current note: If the event can not take place due to new regulations, the costs will be refunded.

Dates for 2021:

Minimum group size: 10 people
Maximum group size: 30 people

Information and reservations:
Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH
Tel.: +43 (0)7484/204 44