The power is in the journey.

The druids already knew how to draw energy from the nature of Southern Waldviertel. Nowadays, we can achieve this through hiking.

On the most beautiful hiking tours in the Southern Waldviertel, Yspertal lies at the feet of hikers - where else could you feel more sublime and connected to Earth? The Astronomical Centre Martinsberg offers the widest view. It is hard to experience the universe more vividly than during night hikes with a view of the stars. And those who immerse themselves in the forest encounter mystical energy - at stones that were previously used for cults by druids. One particular source of energy is the Ysperklamm gorge with its both wild and soft water  The Krenn Distillery, together with fruits and herbs that grow along the paths, packs its power into food and brandy. Who wouldn't want to stop in after wandering around!

Hiking compass: How to find your way.

With the hiking compass we show the direction.
Here you can find where the most beautiful hiking tours lead and where you can best spend the night.

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