Watery hotspots

Always a wavelength ahead... Fjord-like reservoirs, babbling waterfalls and unique river landscapes.

Water is very popular with holidaymakers. They like to dive into the most beautiful hotel pools, or to splash around on the beach. But there are watery spots in Lower Austria which have so much more to offer. Holidaymakers and photographers alike are easily persuaded to lace up their walking boots and go that extra mile, to get that perfect shot.

1. Lunzer See Lake

The emerald green Lunzer See Lake at the foot of the Dürrenstein, which is the only natural swimming lake in Lower Austria, remains true to its image as a dreamy “summer resort” and is one of the region's jewels. The lake’s ‘little brother’, the Obersee (pictured), is also highly photogenic. It was formed by a primeval glacier. The fog gives the lakes a particularly mystical look, but they do indeed look magnificent in the sunshine as well. The small island with the distinctive spruce trees is practically crying out as a photo opportunity.

2. Ysperklamm

Wild water and wild forest – in the Ysperklamm in the southern part of the Waldviertel, the River Ysper rushes through narrow gorges and over large rocks on its 2 km long journey into the valley The stone formations, waterfalls and reflections in the clear water are particularly fascinating. Tip: To capture dreamy ‘white veils’ when photographing water, try using a long exposure – just as you would for that ‘streak of light’ effect on the motorway.

3. Ottensteiner Stausee Lake

The Ottensteiner Stausee Lake is one of three reservoirs along the River Kamp, and offers an excellent backdrop for all photo lovers, thanks to its forested banks, its branches into smaller bays, and its large granite stones from the Waldviertel on the shore. The small island, which is home to the ruins of Lichtenfels Castle (pictured here), also contributes to the tranquillity. Lovely.

4. Danube

A place where you can see the river in all its blue glory. See the beautiful blue Danube and the great blue tower of Dürnstein Abbey. This is the real Lower Austria, and probably the most famous view of the Wachau! This is a truly eye-catching photo opportunity, and a must-have shot for any photo album.

5. Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park

One thing is crystal clear. In Lower Austria’s largest nature park there are lots of ways to calm your mind after a stressful day at work. Bizarrely shaped rocks, deep gorges, thundering waterfalls, quiet forests – this is 100% pure nature, and the perfect models for your photo shoot.