Natural hotspots

Set out on the trail to see the best photo backdrops for yourself. Mighty mountain peaks, impressive vineyards and amazing animal worlds.

Untouched nature and unique flora and fauna characterise the landscape of Lower Austria. We'll show you the most beautiful places for spectacular souvenir photos. But don't forget to put your smartphone or camera away from time to time, and just enjoy the moment!

1. Hohe Wand nature park

The Hohe Wand nature park is a protected rock formation in the Gutenstein Alps, approx. 40 minutes south of Vienna, and our most frequently photographed Instagram motif. If you don't want to climb, you can still get very close to the steep rock faces without a rope. A particularly "Instagramable” place is the Skywalk – a viewing terrace where you will feel like you're walking in the air. The Panorama Bergstrasse (a toll road!) is also a wonderful reason to press the shutter button.

And where nature dominates, the local wildlife feels at home. The best models are the deer (pictured), who live in their natural habitat, within the boundaries of the nature park.

2. Peilstein

The The steep-sided Kalkberg in the southern part of the Vienna Woods is 716 m high, and is a popular photo opportunity because of the steeply sloping cliffs on the west side. It’s just like a scene from “The Lion King”.

3. Ötscher summit

Excellent! The 1,893 metre high, striking Ötscher is the emblem of the Mostviertel. It is also the highest panoramic mountain in western Lower Austria. You can see about a third of Austria from the summit. Hardly any other mountain is photographed more often than the ‘father mountain’, as it is affectionately known by the locals.

4. The vineyards of Wachau

Whether during the apricot blossom period, when pastel shades reign, or in autumn, when the leaves turn the vineyards into a play of colours, Wachau looks great in front of every lens. Weisskirchen is certainly a popular photo spot. The Wehrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt (Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) is a landmark that can be seen from afar.

5. Stone giants in the Waldviertel

The Waldviertel is worth its weight in stone! Over centuries, these giants made their way to the surface of the earth, and are now just lying around. They are waiting to be photographed. Aren't natural surroundings fabulous?